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National Railway Historical Society

  About The NRHS

The National Railway Historical Society was founded in 1935 by railroad historians who recognized the need to preserve our country's rail heritage. 

Today, there are over 19,000 members in the Society in over 170 Chapters.  

Besides receiving the Bulletin and participating in local Chapter activities, members have priority when ordering tickets for the NRHS Annual Convention.

You can join local chapters without being a member of the National Organization, though membership in National is encouraged.

If you would like to join the Wilmington Chapter, you can print out the Membership Form and mail it in.

To visit the NRHS National Site Click Here.


The Wilmington Chapter NRHS can be found at
Mail: Wilmington Chapter - NRHS, 139 Crestwood Road, Landenburg, PA 19350, USA
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