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November 21, 2010 MEETING NOTES

We had 15 members and 1 guest for the meeting. Secretary Dan Frederick's minutes were approved as corrected. Treasurer Dave Warner's report was approved as read. Auxiliary Fund Raiser Greg Ajamian presented the Chapter with $300 from recent videotape sales. National Director Steve Barry reported from the Board meeting in Lancaster that there were 2 new Chapters but that 2 Chapters had dropped out. The next Director's meeting is in January in Williamsburg. Trip Director Steve Barry (some relation to the Nat. Dir.) reported that the next trip date had changed = The Chapter's Night Charter would be Dec 11 instead of Dec 5 out of Callow Hill. President Mike Burkhart reported that the officers for next year would be the same as 2010 except for Dave Watterson replacing Ron Cleaves as Vice President after many years of dedicated service in that role. Dave Warner reported that for the National Director's meeting we have a contract for the hotel Oct 27-30, 2011 and that one trip is definite and one yet to be nailed down. One trip would be Friday afternoon and the other Saturday morning leaving the afternoon for the business meeting. Phil Snyder reported that there are plans to move the Claymont railroad station.

Frank Ferguson's program covered his travels from January thru June 2010. Starting out with Gettysburg, we then saw the Western Maryland in a blizzard. We saw an SD-9 slug set, a steam snowplow train on the Strasburg RR, and then various shots en route to Toronto. We saw the Southern Ontario RR, the Utah Rwy, AMTRAK, VIA, CP, CN, CSX, UP, and BNSF. We saw the Monday morning rush hour in Toronto, the Nevada Northern, the NS office car train at Rockville, and the Wellsboro & Corning. Part Two is due in January and is expected to be every bit as excellent as Part One.

December 5, 2010 MEETING NOTES

Chapter President Mike Burkhart opened with a few announcements around 5 PM including reporting that member Jack Rathburn was recovering from pneumonia. We all wish him a speedy recovery. We had a presentation by National President Greg Molloy of a 25-year pin to Secretary Dan Frederick. After our buffet dinner, master-of-ceremonies Ed Thornton ran our annual Door Prize event. Included in this year's prizes were the last items from Ralph Steven's estate.Steve Barry presented the "Year in Review" program. It included views of Delaware lighthouses before covering railroads in Cumberland, MD, NJ, VA, PA, CA, NV, OH, IL, IN, ID, OR, UT, NH, WV, KY, WS, CT, NYC, and Manitoba. We also saw Freddie Kilowatt, Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston (Ontario), the last Armstrong tower in Springfield, IL and the last Space Shuttle parts train. A simply excellent show - as always.

Dues Are Due

Many have paid, but if you have a RED mark on your address label, the Treasurer has NOT yet received your check. Please send a check made out to the Wilmington Chapter NRHS to our Treasurer:.

David Warner

301 W. Lea Blvd

Wilmington DE 19802-1235


We need Chapter Members to step up and help out with preparations before and to provide assistance during the National Director's meeting that we be hosting October 27-30, 2011 Please contact Dave Warner to sign up to help out at: 302-762-2389 or

Message from the Chapter President - Mike Burkhart

I hope the holiday season finds everyone well. As 2010 draws to a close, there are a few updates on Chapter happenings.

First, the Wilmington Chapter is back in good graces with our incorporation status in the State of Delaware. A big thank you goes out to Tom Posatko for getting the paperwork in order and filing the needed documents.

Next, we are moving into the digital era in the New Year. In early 2010, the Chapter received a donation of dozens of VHS railroad tapes. Over the past year, Greg Ajamian peddled them at meetings and train shows, raising enough cash to purchase a digital projector. This acquisition will allow more Chapter members to put on entertainment during our meetings. But fear not - the slide projector will continue to get a workout.

Chapter elections were held in November, with David Watterson taking on the role of Vice President. Ron Cleaves held that position for many years, and thanks is due for his service and dedication to the Chapter. The remaining officer positions remain unchanged.

Dues renewal notices have been out for more than a month. If you have not re-upped for 2011, please put your check in the mail.

Finally, 2011 will be an exciting year. We are hosting the Fall National Director's Conference from Oct. 28-30, 2011. We will need many people to pitch in for registration, greeters, car and bus hosts and a range of other duties. In early 2011, we will begin filling roles, so please add those dates to your calendar. Our hotel contract was recently finalized, and we are in the process of securing trips on local tourist lines. It will be a great opportunity to showcase our Chapter! A huge "thank you" goes out to Treasurer David Warner and National Director Steve Barry for heading up the effort.

From The Editor

A few statistics of possible interest as this year draws to a close. This Editor has been cranking out newsletters for the Chapter since March of 1994. This edition is my 142nd newsletter and brings my newsletter page total to 166 for this year and just short of 2500 in total (plus 41 post cards).In preparation for our hosting of the National Director's meeting in October 2011, I needed to get some more of Richard Hall's two books reprinted. His first book, Company Service Cars of the PW&B, PB&W, and PRR has sold 95 copies since July of 2005. His second book, Locomotives & Equipment of the Wilmington & Western RR has sold 57 copies since April of 2007.

After expenses, his books have generated over $860 for the Chapter. He had about 200 pages drafted for a third book that we may or may not be able to publish at some point.

The videotapes that were donated to the Chapter by non-member Jim Maloney as a result of a brief e-mail exchange have so far generated over $600 for the Chapter after expenses. As a result we will be purchasing a computer projector for the Chapter as the days of slide presentations seem to be numbered.

Super Saturday Streetcar Special XVIII TRIP

February 5, 2011, Super Saturday Streetcar Special XVIII -- This trip will depart from Elmwood at 10:00 a.m. with a PCC-II car and wander the southwest Philadelphia routes, as well as diversion trackage. This trip usually sells out, and we will not add a second car. Fare is $40.

Visit to order tickets or to get more information. If you wish to order any tickets via mail, make checks payable to Wilmington Chapter NRHS and send to Wilmington Chapter NRHS, c/o Steve Barry, 117 High Street, Newton, NJ 07860. Please include an e-mail address for your confirmation. Confirmations are sent out approximately two weeks before a trip.


But it would also address Amtrak capacity issues on the NEC. In its Northeast Corridor Infrastructure Master Plan released last May, Amtrak noted, "Capacity is constrained around the two-and three-track bottlenecks in Philadelphia and Wilmington," with such constraints being "particularly evident" in northern Delaware. Amtrak's report notes SEPTA service linking Philadelphia and Wilmington/Newark "is planned to increase from 18 trains (nine round trips) to 26 trains (13 round trips)" in the future. "Installation of a third track between Yard and Ragan intelockings and a new Orange Street Bridge will provide some relief south of Wilmington Station." Delaware Transit Corp. Administrator Stephen B. Kingsberry said construction is expected to start early next year and will employ about 115 people, with eventual long-term employment of about 15.Delaware also will share in a $10 million multistate grant from the Department of Transportation for environmental studies and other planning needed to increase train speeds along the NEC. (From Railway Age Rail Group News via Ed Mayover)

As the nation's intercity passenger rail operator, Amtrak connects America in safer, greener and healthier ways. Last fiscal year (FY 2010), the railroad carried over 28.7 million passengers, making it the best year in the company's history. With 21,000 route miles in 46 states, the District of Columbia and three Canadian provinces, Amtrak operates more than 300 trains each day (speeds up to 150 mph (241 kph)) to more than 500 destinations. Amtrak also is the partner of choice for state-supported corridor services in 15 states and for several commuter rail agencies. Visit or call 800-USA-RAIL for schedules, fares and more information. Become a fan at [Press Release]

The $1.195 billion originally designated for those high-speed rail projects in Wisconsin and Ohio will now be used to support projects in the following states:


By MIKE BURKHART, Chapter President

A dozen members and guests of the Long Island Sunrise Trail Chapter NRHS took a behind-the-scenes look at the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) shops in Harrison, N.J. on Oct. 30, 2010.

PATH operates four routes over about 13 miles of track: Newark and Hoboken to the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan, and Jersey City and Hoboken to 33rd Street in midtown Manhattan. It carries an impressive 250,000 riders on weekdays.

The trip left from Platform B in Newark Penn Station on a regular service train and made a special stop at the short platform at the Harrison shops. Once there, visitors walked to the main shop building. Photography on PATH is extremely restrictive - in fact it is not allowed without a permit and escort - so the tour presented a sanctioned opportunity for shots of new and old equipment.

PATH was originally called the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad, and later the H&M Hudson Tubes. The first revenue trains between Hoboken and 19th Street in Manhattan ran in 1908 following years of fits and starts. Construction of road tunnels and bridges to Manhattan led to ridership declines through the 1950's and eventual bankruptcy. As part of the deal to build the World Trade Center, the lines were taken over by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Today, PATH is investing in new cars and infrastructure and signal upgrades. Three hundred and fifty new PA-5 class rapid transit cars are arriving from Kawasaki through 2011, a $680 million investment. At the same time, the older PA-1, PA-2 and PA-3 cars - built between 1965 and 1972 by St. Louis Car Co. and Hawker-Siddeley - are being retired.

By the end of October 2010, 217 new cars were on the property and 130 of the 327 older cars had been shipped off line. Initially, the old cars were planned for use on a start-up system in South America. Instead, the cars are stripped of usable parts to keep the rest of the fleet running and the shells are shipped to Ohio for scrap.

Inside the shops, rapid transit cars were in various states of maintenance and rebuild. Sets of traction motors lined one section, destined for scrap. In another area, shiny wheel sets were recently turned and trued.The PATH system runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week and racks up impressive mileage numbers. The entire fleet has logged about 600 million miles, and the old cars are worn out and tired. Between two and three new cars arrive by truck at the Harrison shops each week. The first new cars were delivered in July 2009.

After the tour, visitors boarded a PATH train bound for Journal Square in Jersey City. Some continued on to ride New Jersey Transit's Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Line or visit Lackawanna's classic Hoboken Terminal. In any case, it was a great day for exploring transit lines of metro New York.

Photos of this year's Wilmington Chapter of the NRHS Annual Holiday Dinner at Maximillian's December 5, 2010 provided by President Mike Burkhart.

National President Greg Molloy and our National Director Steve Barry presenting a 25-Year pin to member Dan Frederick under the watchful eye of Chapter President Mike Burkhart (so how did he take his photo, hmmmm?) and our evening's celebratory cake.

Members Walt Robbins, Tom Posatko, and Dave Watterson and their guests.

Members Allan Patterson, Bill Stees, Phil Snyder, Ron Cleaves, Ed Thornton, and Greg Ajamian. Apologies to anyone who was not captured by a digital photo that evening.

FOUR DAYS ONLY - NEWS RELEASE From Delaware Public Archives

Delaware Public Archives Celebrates the History of the Railroad (Dover, DE) Come to the Delaware Public Archives to help celebrate the history of the railroad in Delaware. The Archives will be hosting a free railroad exhibit from January 5 to January 8 coinciding with the completion of a related Archives initiative to bring the entire Jackson & Sharp Photograph and Drawings Collection to its website Open each day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the exhibit will feature original railroad papers, maps, drawings, and schedules from the 19th century. A large model railroad layout provided by the Delaware Seaside Railroad Club will also be on display for children and model railroad enthusiasts alike. The Jackson & Sharp Photograph and Drawings Collection is a unique group of more than 4,000 images, drawings, and documents that relate to the railroad cars, trolley cars, and ships produced by the Jackson & Sharp Company of Wilmington. Operating in Wilmington from 1863 to 1950, this company built railroad cars for many different railroad operations throughout the world. In its later years, the company also began building ships.

Well known to railroad historians, the Jackson and Sharp photographs have been requested by patrons from all over the United States. While the Archives has had the Jackson & Sharp Photograph and Drawing Collection for many years, not until recently were the images digitized for the Archives website. Along with the photographs of railroad cars and ships built at the Wilmington factory, the collection also features construction drawings and designs used by the company's engineers.

For more information about the Delaware Public Archives, please visit the website at You can also become a follower of the Archives Facebook page ( and read the Archives blog ( to learn more about events and other items of interest at the Archives.The Delaware Public Archives is located at 121 Duke of York Street in Dover. The Mabel Lloyd Ridgely Research Room is open to the public Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. On the first Saturday of every month the research room is open from 9 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Captions for the attached photographs:

9015 F2, P22 - Street car blt. for Wilmington City front of Logan House, NW corner of Del. Ave.&DuPont St.

9015 F1, P6 - A mail-baggage-smoking car built for the Central Valley RR (New York), 1871.

The Delaware Public Archives (DPA,, an agency of the State of Delaware, is one of the oldest public archives programs in the United States. DPA serves the citizens of Delaware by identifying, collecting, and preserving public records of enduring historical and evidential value; ensuring access to public records for present and future generations; and advising and educating interested parties in the creation, management, use, and preservation of public records.


Notices, announcements, schedules, etc. are provided here as a service to the members. The Chapter has no affiliation with any commercial operation, museum, or tourist line.

May 8, 2010 - March 26, 2011 Almost as Fast as Birds Can Fly - History of Railroading in DE at DE History Museum504 Market Street - Wilmington, DE 19801, For More Information: or call (302) 655-7161 11a.m.-4p.m., Saturday: 10a.m. - 4p.m Sponsored by Delaware Today, We the People Grant through the Delaware Humanities Forum, and Transportation Enhancement Fund

July 30, 2010 through early 2011 Thomas Viaduct Exhibit, B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore featuring historic and contemporary artworks of this historic bridge. The exhibit will showcase local artists and will be held in the Museum's Education Station.

Nov. 13-14, 2010 Allentown Train Meet Associates First Frost Train Meet 9-4 Saturday, 9-3 Sunday, Allentown Fairgrounds Agricultural Hall, 302 North 17th St., Allentown, PA 18014

Nov. 26, & 27, 2010 Steamin' Days @ Auburn Heights12:30 - 4 PM, Stanley Steamers, steam trains, mansion tours, Marshall Estate, Yorklyn, DE

December 4 & 11, 2010 Home For The Holidays @ RR Museum of PA  Regular Museum hours. Take a nostalgic glimpse at holiday rail travel. Meet costumed engineers, conductors, ticket agents and passengers representing the past century and enjoy seasonal music, festive decorations, Jack Frost Station and a Polar Express party for young children among our world-class collection of trains. Included in the regular Museum admission

Feb 26-27, 2011 Allentown Train Meet Associates Spring Thaw Train Meet 9-4 Saturday, 9-3 Sunday, Allentown Fairgrounds Agricultural Hall, 302 North 17th St., Allentown, PA 18014

October 27-30, 2011 Wilmington Chapter will host the NRHS's Fall National Director's Meeting details to follow as they become available


CHAPTER EVENTS Thursday Nov. 18, 2010 7 PM Chapter Meeting program by Frank Ferguson part 1 of his program on ??

Sunday Dec. 5, 2010 5 PM Holiday Dinner in lieu of normal monthly meeting, Maximillian's Restaurant & Tavern, 3001 Naamans Creek Rd, Upper Chichester, PA

Thursday Jan. 20, 2011 7 PM Chapter Meeting program by Frank Ferguson part 2 of his program on ??

Thursday Feb. 17, 2011 7 PM Chapter Meeting Do-It-Yourself Bring-Your-Own Photo & Slide Show

Thursday Mar. 17, 2011 7 PM Chapter Meeting program by ??

Thursday Apr. 21, 2011 7 PM Chapter Meeting program by ??

Thursday May 19, 2011 7 PM Chapter Meeting program by ??

Thursday June 16, 2011 7 PM Chapter Meeting program by ??

Thursday July 21, 2011 7 PM Chapter Meeting program by ??

Thursday Aug. 18, 2011 7 PM Chapter Trip ? in lieu of normal monthly meeting

Thursday Sept. 15, 2011 7 PM Chapter Meeting program by ??

Thursday Oct. 20, 2011 7 PM Chapter Meeting program by ??

October 27-30, 2011 Wilmington Chapter will host NRHS's Fall National Director's Meeting

Thursday Nov. 17, 2011 7 PM Chapter Meeting program by ??

Sunday Dec. 4, 2011 5 PM Holiday Dinner in lieu of normal monthly meeting

The Wilmington Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society (NRHS) meets at 7:00 PM on the third Thursday of each month [except August & December] in the Darley Room at the Claymont Community Center on Green Street in Claymont, Delaware. Visitors are always welcome. Admission to regular meetings is free. Check out our Website (thanks to Russ Fox) at:

The Transfer Table is published six to ten times per year as the newsletter of the Wilmington Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society. Items in this publication do not represent the official position of either Officers or Members of the Wilmington Chapter or the Editor of this publication.

Permission to reprint articles and news items appearing herein is granted to NRHS Chapters and other newsletters provided appropriate credit is given.

Contributions are always welcome and should be sent to the editor at or send to: P.O. Box 1136, Hockessin, DE 19707-5136.Deadline for entries is the 25th of the month.

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